Vesta Zero

Now you can try an authentic home automation system totally free and for an unlimited time in your own home. This version of Vesta allows you to experiment by integrating your own hardware and connecting it to the network.

This is what you get!


About Vesta Zero

  • What is Vesta Zero?

    It is a free basic home automation controller usable for unlimited time that can be downloaded without registration. Ideally, it serves to understand how our product works and, of course, you can use it at home without any commitment.

  • What is Vesta?

    The short answer is that Vesta is a device to control your home devices. In fact, Vesta is a set of technologies that establish a relationship between a physical device and a logical abstraction that resides in a computer program.

  • Does Vesta Zero have any limitations?

    Not quite. Unlike the other standard Vesta distributions that usually have a large number of devices installed, Vesta Zero contains four binary inputs, four binary outputs, four analog inputs, four analog outputs and one thermostat input.

  • Can I install multiple Vesta Zeros on the same network?

    No, it is not possible. Vesta Zero, like the other distributions, has its own MAC address and it is not possible to manage two or more devices with the same MAC address.

  • Can I install multiple other Vesta models on the same network?

    Of course. Not only can you, but you must install many Vesta drivers in order to manage all the physical devices in your home. In fact, if you want, you can add any other Vesta distribution to your Vesta Zero.

  • How much do the other Vesta models cost?

    At the moment they are free as long as you register with us and request a maximum of eight distributions of any model.

  • I am interested in developing products for home automation. Can I join your project?

    Of course yes! We need an enthusiastic community that wants to take the opportunity to automate their own home, improve what we have and tell future customers about us.

  • Why can’t I download the source code?

    Because Vesta distributions are built with a cross-compiler and the source code for each instance of a single distribution is different from any other instance.

  • What is Vesta Zero for?

    It is used to control devices and transmit sensor data. You can find all the documentation you need at this link.

  • What is Lares?

    It is a code library custom created by a compiler that is used to link home appliances connected to various Vesta controllers and transform them into a collection of C# language objects with which you can interact just like any other object.


Download the package following the link. The package contains two versions of the binary (HEX) file with and without bootloader and a small text document.

Use the link to install the .hex on your arduino mega.

What do you need?

To enjoy your first vesta you need to have:

-1- Arduino Mega board or similar

-2- Ethernet Shield (W5100 or W5300)

-3- A computer provided with Arduino IDE last release.

-4- Any ethernet link valid between your computer and ethernet shield.

-5- An USB cable A to B.

Additionally you should have several leds, 180 ohm resistors, an insert plate, dupont wires, switches, a piezoelectric buzzer, etc.

VestaZero basic layout

The controller can work with no connections other than power and network. However, to monitor the status and carry out tests, it is recommended to connect a red led (error), a blue led (server, tcp, events,…), a buzzer and a temperature and humidity sensor. All of them must be connected according to the diagram.

Firmware config

Before using the new Vesta Zero it will be necessary to configure it correctly on the network. For this you will need a computer with an ethernet card with the following IP V4 configuration:

  • IP Address:
  • Mask:
  • Gateway:

Open the address in an internet browser. After a few seconds a loading screen will appear and finally the controller menu will be displayed.

Loading stage…
Main controller screen
These are the fields to change and the button to confirm these changes

After uploading the changes you will need to power off the controller, connect it to the network and power it on again. From this moment it will be accessible at the new address.


This device is experimental and is used to test the controller and for developing purposes. It is not a final product and no claim will be accepted for any damage that may occur to the circuits, the computer or any device connected to the local network. Any action will always be under the strict responsibility of the user.

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