The Lares Project

We’ve witnessed the launch or a wide variety of appliances related to home automation. The concept “domotic” has been devalued, so when I conceived the form of this new project, the first thing I thought was that it had to be renamed.

Lares are minor gods that belonged to the Roman Empire’s culture, related to each home, probably worshiped for a more pleasant stay at home. What name could be better to represent an invisible force that protects its owners? Found the concept, started the development process in three phases:

Phase one: Vesta

Hardware devices designed to link physical world and low-level logical devices. Also brings them unplugged funcionality in the event of a network failure, making them so robust and reliable as user deserve.

Phase two: Lares

A basic full functional kernel establishing relations between these logical devices, and some interesant full logic parts like a scheduler, a remote control and many interfaces to well known commercial technology systems.

Phase three: Penates

A whole suite of machine-learning techniques designed to provide Lares with a soul.

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