Local and Remote modes

A tricky issue is the one related to the reliability of the network in a real-time system. Communication failures cannot be foreseen and cannot be avoided. It is necessary to learn to live with potential errors in a comfortable and safe way. That is why the Lares and Vesta structures contemplate the local mode and the remote mode.

The switch is open

Local Mode

Occurs when communications fail or when the controller is installed without a network.

(1) Now the switch is closed

(2) Vesta local process

Closed switch triggers an internal event

(3) Output is activated
So the light shines

All of this happens as fast as the flip of a conventional switch.

Remote mode

The appreciable result is the same, although internally the process is totally different:

(1) Again the switch is closed
(2) Vesta controller triggers an UDP event packet
(3) Lares automation object

The Lares home automation module recognizes the message and associates it with the logic device related to the switch. The code developed in Lares releases an order that is sent to one or several vestas controllers in TCP format.

(4) Lares sends order
(5) Finally, output is activated

Although the visible result is the same and the reaction times are similar, in network mode the decision about switching is made on the object that represents the entire house. This means that:

-1- A Vesta controller can receive a command that was generated on a different one. Several devices on several controllers can react in unison to the same event.

-2- The behavior before a stimulus will depend on the code of the Lares object and, in turn, can change depending on other parameters using an algorithm as complex as necessary.

-3- The Lares home automation system can record (store) user information collected by the network of Vesta sensor devices.

-4- In the event of a communications failure or server crash, the Vesta modules will automatically switch to local mode allowing normal use even in the most degraded mode.

-5- If communications are restored, the Vesta controllers will automatically return to remote working mode, freeing the user from any action.

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