Resolutions for a new year.

What can you ask for in the new year when you can’t think of anything? Humanity has lost the ability to be excited about the future. Dreaming of a better world has become so difficult that it is tempting to cling to the little that can spark any interest in us. You only have to take a look at the news to realize that these are not times for dreamers. Not even wars and revolutions respond to a need to defeat tyranny or pursue a new utopia. It is greed and selfishness that have overthrown the rebellion.

The bottom of our closets is the refuge of creatures that sleep the night of the just after a pause… a pause that we made thinking that better times would come to bring our fantasies, our dreams, our desires and our hopes to light. But years go by and that long-awaited moment never comes. It is time to save, to hide those projects and to pray that the little that we have managed to scratch in the social pyramid is not taken away from us. Our closets are a faithful reflection of museum warehouses, full of art, the future and unfulfilled promises. We are a civilization of ants. We have kept all our memories in hiding places out of shame.

Yeah. Shame on showing how we could change this world and make it better.

But today no one wants to change the world. Nobody wants to expose themselves to well-deserved punishment for bucking the trend.

The reality is what it is. An invisible Law prohibits us from dreaming in public.

That’s why we talk about crises, we purse our lips and we slip into the storage room when no one sees us to remember that at some point we said we would change the world.

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