Vesta C

It is a new expansion circuit for arduino and ESP-32 designed to occupy a standard space on a din rail. Unlike previous developments, this time it will not be in the form of an Arduino shield. The connection will be made through the double header of the Arduino Mega using a connector and a flat cable or with an ESP-32 circuit that will fit into the socket like a chip.

Previous stacked shields made it difficult to install the module and required adding several expensive relay sockets that will be unnecessary with the new board. Having all the elements in a flat format will considerably increase the space for new components and will make maintenance operations much easier. In addition, to make technicians’ work easier, new LED indicators will be added to the board to show which inputs and outputs are in local, timed, network or service mode.

It has been found that a large number of relays is not always needed in each module, so it has been decided to reduce the number to six and incorporate an expansion port to manage another six if necessary. There are more ideas to improve the module that will be incorporated as the design is extended. We will keep reporting.

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