The Lares project emerged as an evolution of the home automation work that I did in 2004 in my own home.
It all started with a humble device controller plugged into a PC motherboard on an ISA port, which had 16 inputs and 16 outputs. I was trying to bind all the important devices in the house with a custom software and then use the system as a laboratory to evolve the concept of home automation.

At the same time, commercial products appeared that repeated or improved what was already working at home. But all the developments were based on the same idea: automate processes, remotely control devices or replicate functions under the direct orders of the owner.

Home automation should mean “science of habitability” and not “remote control”, so I decided to create a new concept called “Laretics” inspired by “Lares”, Roman gods of the home.

What follows is the story of a project from its earliest beginnings to its final deployment scheduled for late 2022.

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