Third device type

Vesta Type A 2
Already all the devices of the Vesta Model A 2 are in this screen

Today has been quite a productive day; I have worked on the interface and I have transferred to the compiler the task of creating the list of web controls for editing. The work has been loaded with refactorings and I have been spending almost all the time on it. It was worth it anyway, considering I just created a new type of device (digital binary output) and it took me less than an hour.

I still have to compose the functionality of the device. It’s too delicate a job to get on with when I’m tired. I also took the opportunity to create the 16 instances of binary input devices and the 12 binary output devices. Adding the controller device itself, there are 29 devices on the same board and, as expected, the web load has barely suffered.

In the next week will add output hardware to my testing bench

What I did not expect is that the transition between the different views would be so extremely fast. This shows that it was worth betting on a new code and redoing in javascript everything that was previously represented in plain HTML. There is still a long way to go before the development is finished. However, it costs me less and less to release new versions and correct the errors that come out. At this point it can be considered that I have managed to overcome the most complex and delicate parts of the process. Now it’s time to enjoy enriching the product. I don’t dare to set a deployment schedule, although I can risk saying that in less than a month I will have all the code and the only thing left to do is to debug bugs and improve the presentation layer a bit.

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