Living an adventure.

Northern view

Who are you and why are you like this? What drives you to do what you do? Isn’t it easier to stay still? What need do you have to get into crazy adventures? These questions are logical for a person settled in an insubstantial existence. Eat, drink, play, read, walk… The activities that fill our little free time are sometimes like the roulette in which the hamster walks infinitely. Eat, drink, play, read…

But sometimes we need more, especially if the monotony of our lives has been an imposition. We need an adventure!, a chapter of our life that is written outside our comfort zone. A situation in which we are forced to build bridges, to renew ourselves, to learn, to face small challenges…

And one fine day we find ourselves on a plane that flies into the unknown. The adrenaline shoots up with each new obstacle, the senses sharpen, the mind opens up and the body adapts to new sensations.

At the end of the adventure we discover ourselves. And if we have done well, we gain more confidence in what we are capable of doing. Seeing ourselves in other situations gives us strength. Strength to face situations that were before us, strength to understand that we are much more capable than we thought. That we can get out of our routines if we want to, and also if we are forced to. Seeing what we can do outside of our known world gives us energy and great peace of mind.

other scenarios

It is addictive; Having lived a new adventure successfully leads us to think that we can start new adventures and that it will also be good for us.

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