About to resume interrupted tasks

Life takes you down paths that you don’t always want to travel. Beyond the inevitable there is always the hope of some kind of reward. In my case I do not expect big events; simply pick up what I left halfway because of everything that was always more important or a priority. The road is full of treasures (Vesta, Lares, LGB trains layout, Open Rails, my future podcast…) any of them may be translated into hundreds of hours of fun, not counting the benefits that I will obtain by finishing all the projects halfway, which are for me like the bonus medals of the arcade games classics.


Today I still feel trapped in an annoying routine that I will not get out of until April 30, 2023. But from that moment I am sure that one of the most active and productive processes of my entire life will begin. For the first time in more than thirty years I will be free of any type of obligation that would have conditioned my free time. I have the means, I have the time, I have the knoweldge, I have the creativity and now I will also have the priority. Everything will serve to continue transforming everything that comes from the world of dreams into reality.

I hope to considerably increase the flow of news to be announced on this blog. At least I can promise.

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