An obstacle course

The worst part about starting a new development is the first contact with the new technologies of the moment. On the one hand, it is very positive to know that you’re going to be on the crest of the wave from the very beginning; on the other side, you assume that you’re going to waste many time testing, debugging, configurating, frustrating…

The most thankless part of all is that sometimes you can get stuck in nonsense and time is hopelessly foolishly flowing. So many errors and traffic jams lead you to ponder the possibility of taking a shortcut. And sometimes it’s the only way to go…

The temptation to finish the research paper and start writting code is great, seductive… And sometimes, when you think you’ve finished the process, you find that still have more research to do. This is the dark side of development, ungrateful, unknown and hated in equal measure.

I think I’ve finished everything I had to investigate. It’s very possible that I’ve something left in the pipeline and have to come back to this part later, but for now I’m ready to start developing. That means that the result of this work will already be evident.

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