Ardet nec consumitur

This is the motto of the old Grimbergen Abbey, founded in the year 1128, dissolved in the year 1796 and reinstated after the French Revolution. The current building dates back to 1660 and has survived as a minor basilica since 1999. In its entire history it suffered three fires that left it reduced to rubble and on all three occasions it was rebuilt. That is why its image is that of the Phoenix bird of mythology, which burns, but is not consumed, which is the meaning of the title of this post. The abbey was also famous for its production of homemade beer, first by the monks, then by the Maes de Flandes company and currently by the Heineken group, which years ago took the production of the original abbey to its distributed factories. for Europe. Grimbergen Abbey is the perfect image of resilience and tenacity, capable of overcoming life’s setbacks, even when they left it on the brink of ruin.

We humans have always moved by imitation, looking for models to follow, borrowing from here and there the ideas that make up our life and our philosophy. Opening paths is very frustrating because you never know if there will be a way out and that is why it is easier to copy those who were successful in their challenges. In addition to the beer, which is very delicious, Grimbergen gave me a direction on my already old compass. The course of perseverance, resistance, endurance… and finally success.

There is no more dangerous adversary than that one who is invincible.

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