Camino de hierro Soria V5.0

Those of us who are involved in the world of railways are in luck. On May 1, 2022, the fifth version of the scenario of the most incredible simulator of all time was released. Not because of its graphics, which are far from the perfection of current techniques, nor because of its plot… it’s just a “simple” driving simulator, but because of the incredible possibilities it contains. It turns out that a group of Spanish geniuses have managed to replicate thousands of kilometers of railway lines in a setting typical of the end of the 20th century, taking those of us who were born a few decades ago to our own childhood, no less.

I’m looking forward to finding some free time to compose the show, pick up the custom code I’d started, and unleash a new kind of immersion in a very peculiar virtual reality. I invite you to download this route at and the simulator at

Enjoy them!

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