In the market

The sea

A lot of preparation time is an unsettling and at the same time calm process because no one sets limits on you or expects you to rise to the occasion. I think of this phase as when you get off the overcrowded highway and go much of the way down a lonely shortcut. Sooner or later you end up merging into traffic, only to discover that while you haven’t wasted any time, it takes a while to get up to typical freeway cruising speed.

That is the market. A great highway that leads many people in the same direction.

Why do I have to join traffic? Do I really need it? I think the answer to these questions is similar to parenthood. No one is really ready to be a parent, but life is too short to waste time rambling. In the end you throw yourself without thinking and plunge into a human cauldron. It will be good? Will it be bad?

I have no idea. I just know that the decisions I regret are the ones I haven’t made.

And that’s why I am here!

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