Phoenix operation


Many years ago (more than 20), I faced the first really difficult situation. Now it doesn’t matter what happened, but how I got out of the well. Resilience is said to be the ability to resist adversity; Resilience can be practiced passively or actively. Holding on is relatively easy. You just have to find a way to release that negative part; there are a thousand alternatives (sleep, play sports, sing, break things, drink…)

However, I decided that I could take advantage of that situation to reinvent myself. What did I have to lose? I learned that life consists of a chain of crucial phases separated by unproductive periods as far as destiny is concerned. Between phase and phase you can choose between taking the initiative and letting yourself go.

Letting go sounds tempting. It is easy; you just have to look for someone else to blame for your own problems and discharge all the responsibility on him (or her). You will not feel better, but you will think that there was nothing you could do to solve the problem and that will comfort you.

The other option is to overcome the obstacle taking advantage of the fact that no one is going to notice your progress. You have to become a fleeting shadow, a harmless threat, a presence that goes unnoticed… And in the meantime, you force yourself to improve, set ambitious goals for yourself and try your best to climb the rungs on the slope of perfection.

And finally you arrive at the next phase shift with everything you’ve garnered from the long trek through the desert. More awake, more cunning, more ambitious and more prepared than the others. You have become the Phoenix bird, singed, melted, exhausted, but not defeated.

Miracles do not exist. Behind every story of overcoming there is a great deal of silent suffering. There is nothing comparable to the pride of bringing to light what you have been sowing for so long in silence. As someone said, great epics are the result of the actions of ordinary people under exceptional circumstances. What is more exceptional than adversity itself?

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