The end of the walk through a desert

Treker walking by a desert

The walker voluntarily abandoned the traveled path and entered a large barren plain with the only company of the sun and inclement weather. The fear of the crowd was greater than the inhospitable solitude of the desert. Silence and loneliness were a consolation to the wounded mind of the walker, who was finally able to find himself. That path taught him that before facing the problems of the crowded world, he had to face the knowledge of himself.

And that did…

Step by step, the immaculate sand was drawn with a trace…

Each humble footstep left a tiny barely recognizable footprint. Footprint by footprint, step by step, drop by drop, the tiny amounts were increased multiplied by the endless succession of days. That unrecognizable journey took on epic dimensions.

We are overwhelmed by the magnificence of the Colorado Grand Canyon, the intricate series of stalactites and stalagmites in a cave, the amazing appearance of a glacial cirque…

We are so impressed that sometimes we have a hard time thinking about how they were made. Drop by drop, step by step, minute by minute, in an almost endless succession of solitary events that had little in the way of excitement.

It is in the reunion with the human maelstrom that the hidden details of that prodigy of patience and resilience are revealed. It is then that the walker gets rid of his shoes, sits down to contemplate his work and feels comforted.

Step by step, brick by brick… The Great Wall of China is the only human construction that can be seen with the naked eye from space.

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