This is the beginning

Montefaro is the name of a remote place, and away from the noise of the big city. A haven of peace in ruins, once was a military detachment. I did not find a better metaphor to express the soul that I try to give to all my creations.

I believe that computer development has a lot in common with architecture. In the same way that there’re anonymous buildings lacking in personality, there are also artists who call themselves architects, capable of communicating thoughts through their masterpieces. Unique buildings, sometimes indecipherable, but capable of awakening a reaction in each one of us.

This is the real Montefaro

A computer program is a creative work like any other. The quality of a development should not be subject to budget or time, but to the inspiration and creativity of its authors. Today, only large corporations can afford to give their most valued creatives that level of freedom. The rest of the companies are limited to copying or adapting existing developments. The budget for research and development is always low. That is why I am convinced that one day this madness will end and all eyes will turn to where they should never have stopped looking.

Today I’m just another dreamer…
Tomorrow maybe not.

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